Chef Jet Tila and Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim are teaming up for a five-course night of world-class food and cocktails.

February 8, Origin India will be the location for a Pop-Up diner, hosted by these two giants of the food world.  Coming up with Thai street food served family style and a cocktail pairing for each course is no small feat, but if anyone is up to it, it will be these two.

Chef Jet Tila

Chef Jet Tila has a veritable laundry list of experience, drawing straight from the sources of South American, South East Asian, Chinese, American, French, and all other families of culinary disciplines.  After opening Wazuzu in 2009, competing in Iron Chef, and guiding his touring Pop-Up restaurant service “BistroNomics” in LA, he’ll be coming back to Vegas to try his surprise suppers here.

The Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim

Tony Abou-Ganim is a major contender for King of the Mixology world.  He is the author of “The Modern Mixologist”, and is expecting to publish his next work, a book entirely on straight vodka, sometime in 2012.  Fingers crossed that I’ll get my copy signed.


Dinner starts at 7, Wednesday, February 8th at Origin India.  Dinner is $65.  Email with the subject line “Pop-Up Dinner” to reserve your seat.  Expect an article soon thereafter.